Reflections From the Disheartened

There are moments in life that change you forever; define you, indefinitely.  Sure, wounds heal, but just as the old saying goes, “The scars remain.” For some, the most definitive moment that has forever altered life’s reality is when the person they loved and trusted most unleashed their aggression and hit them. This life changing … Continue reading Reflections From the Disheartened

I Am Nothing

Heartbreak doesn't begin to describe the infliction of pain. Meant for nothing no matter how much hope there is. After all, lessons not learned as the past repeats all knowing blood trumps tasteless water. Against my will the fight for survival begins, that's all I have left. Better to shut all out than to feel … Continue reading I Am Nothing


Alone and forgotten ~ Set aside not cared for, wrong again while grief strikes the very core of reality. Wounded and neglected, this affliction fester's with resentment yet to trudge I must seeking approval from someone who's not willing to grant any pardon. Abandoned with a heavy heart, the hole in my chest open forever … Continue reading Why

Officially Lost

There is a blanket of sadness covering our hearts. Many are desperately searching for an explanation (anything)about why a young man committed such a horrid act. I have turned to God in a despairing attempt to get answers. Listening to Christian radio every chance I get, waiting for a message of comfort. What I heard today … Continue reading Officially Lost

Ruining your Childrens Day

So here I am having dinner at a restaurant and I over hear this young woman behind me talking about how her parents nearly ruined her wedding. Listening to her for about twenty minutes I discover that the parents had a bad divorce, as if anyone can have a nice one, and they don’t communicate … Continue reading Ruining your Childrens Day