Anxious Are The Dead

You came to me last night.  It's been so very long since such tenderness with a beautiful smile has sought me out.  I saw the love in your eyes. A love promised to so very long ago swearing to be forever true for always. None-the-less, to see you once more was a welcomed distraction. It's been too [...]

Sapphire Eyed Rave

You haunted my dreams again last night. Showing me yet again things that will never be. Things that should have been. Although this time, the aspect of the vision was different. I welcomed the essence of you and it was comforting. Nothing like before when you began forcing your way into my consciousness. I'd resist, [...]

Unspoken Lies

  Elation falls lazy I be,   Laze around that entails.   Zeal boy!   Lineal not like zeta that shall elate,   Zany to near boil should the boat float lazily.   The zealot drowned by lien in a thin line,   Eaten by loyal goers in the biz.   Neatly is written the [...]