A Nightmare

Photo by Soner Arkan on Pexels.com

Antiquated truths in the moon light

We have faith for griefs presented—

Apathetic praise of graves by night

Loss gave as intended.

Ah! what is now a truth by night

To those whose virtues trap

Astray without them causes fright

Run towards a fated hap?

Those terrible truths—that terrible truth,

Split one from no one whose praising,

They scorned us as an ugly group

We precious villains racing.

Went over that night, fro’ calm and bright,

So steady so near—

Went list there be less cryptic fights

From liar’s dark-jeers?

A Dream


In visions of the dark night

I have dreamed of joy departed—

But a waking dream of life and light

Hath left me broken-hearted.

Ah! what is not a dream by day

To him whose eyes are cast

On things around him with a ray

Turned back upon the past?

That holy dream—that holy dream,

While all the world were chiding,

Hath cheered me as a lovely beam

A lonely spirit guiding.

What though that light, thro’ storm and night,

So trembled from afar—

What could there be more purely bright

In Truth’s day-star?

Binding Dreadfully


It was a gun that ruined childhood

Wielded by the barbaric maniac

terrorizing innocence, killing righteousness

without perceptions of accountability

Stripped away is the influence of morality

as the creation of defense molds justification

Self preservation takes precedence

the childs naiveté dies

It was a gun that ruined adolescence 

Subjectively slaying courage

with luminations and deafening discharges 

shattering windows, yet provides no exits 

Instead, permanently trapping souls in evil caskets

Inescapable salvation leading nowhere

no hiding, no hope

Yet unwilling to follow defeat

Enabling imagination to conceal dark truths

It was a gun that ruined life

depriving choices in lieu of allowing elections

Permitting neither tranquility or peace

Sabotaging any chance of everlasting love 

Spoiling happiness, robbing normality

Distorted reality is founded

solidifying inveterate loneliness impossible to overcome

Lack of conviction defeats confidence

Conspiracy corrupts, so begins the destruction 

It was a gun that ruined marriage

on a night that should have ended in romance

instead of violence and brutality

Vexed are eyes of the drunkard 

full of rage and malice, guilty of the unthinkable 

What was once beautiful is now damaged

Unrecognizable to the world 

Wilting to nothingness, expecting nothing

Contemplating the day, guns no longer ruin


Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom Dancing (Photo credit: Bella March)


Holding me with his strong arms, moving ever so gracefully across the dance floor. Knowing I have his undivided attention, I can feel him leaning in to smell my hair which pleases me.

I miss being held like this. A secure embrace taking the lead, compelling my body to move as he wishes. He’s proud to possess me and ready to prove I’m his; if not to the world, then to validate his dominance. Flaunting his prize, we twirl about as my dress brushes across my ankles.

I feel so elegant tonight.  A hand caresses my back as the other ever so lightly twists my hair through his fingers. The warmth of his breath on my neck brings about a ripple of desire that’s been long-lost. His lips barely touch my skin as he whispers,“You are beyond beautiful this evening.”

Passion engulfs all senses with the intensity of a violent eruption. Confounded by the torment of this man’s touch and the power he has over me.  I imagine all the ways I can seduce him. Imagining the taste of him, the feel of his body, and the smell of his sex. These thoughts break my concentration and I nearly stumble. However, I don’t falter. He retains control with a curious smirk and watches my expression for the faintest of hint that he’s won this game.

Breaking away from his mischievous gaze, I immediately perceive nearly everything is red; my dress, shoes, the dance floor, curtains, and the walls. All except him. My companion was entirely dressed in black. Odd, since obscurity is usually my doing.

The air is fragrant with a hint of honeysuckle and lilac. Scents that are crafted to spellbound and prime one’s senses for the sweetest of seductions. Especially for someone as beautiful as he. His flaxen hair, spirited golden eyes, and playful lips posing a sincere smile which markes him irresistible. Holding an air of arrogance, he parades me around the room with no effort what-so-ever as we dance the night away.

There are a lot of people here tonight, but no one I’m familiar with. My confidante seems to be acquainted with everyone. Tonight however, he doesn’t pay them any mind. His complete and total focus is solely on me. This exploit alone fashions wicked sensations confounded by emotions forcing me to believe as if we are the only two living soul left on this earth.

Mesmerized by the effects of this wondrous dream, the illusion befalls to an abrupt transformation. We suddenly are now sitting at a table in a café. We are carelessly laughing, but I cannot remember what is so funny. I feel as if we have always known each other and are best of friends. I cannot imagine life without him. There isn’t anything we would hide from one another, no judgement, only acceptance and adoration. We unequivocally love each other consumed by a peaceful bliss.

He sits there attentively listening to every word I ramble on about. What the chattering is in regards to, I do not recall. But there is a lot of laughter and it’s such a lovely warm day with the sky showing off its big white puffy clouds against the most magnificent blue canvas.

Then the alarm rings ending this perfect moment in time that isn’t meant for someone like me. The dream came upon its final conclusion and took with it my sliver of happiness with it. He’s gone and I don’t know how to get him back.


Who Can Survive The Dreams



For weeks now, they come
Images created by imagination or premonition,
its unknown

Fear wreaks havoc in the night
as spirits unable to calm
Icy breathe claws the skin
and paralysis pins down the strongest

For weeks now, sleep evades
Completely unattainable as madness settles
only till the safety of the sun light wraps its protection
And then it’s all too late

Responsibility grabs hold
forcing the prelude of repose until the sun settles once again
What to do?
Confusion takes notice at times instead placing emphasis on
spells that should be spent directed on treasures of the heart
Not of illusions what forever veils happiness

Consumable fragments that never satiate
yet, always interrupt life’s day to day commissions
Overt emissions persists
I’m afraid!
What derives from imagination thereafter?


Anxious Are The Dead

Author: Delphine Devos Author URL: https://www.flickr.com/people/devosdelphin/ Title: Golden Touch Year: 2008 Source: Flickr Source URL: https://www.flickr.com License: Creative Commons Attribution License License Url: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ License Shorthand: CC-BY

You came to me last night.  It’s been so very long since such tenderness with a beautiful smile has sought me out.  I saw the love in your eyes. A love promised to so very long ago swearing to be forever true for always. None-the-less, to see you once more was a welcomed distraction.

It’s been too long. Seeing you there teasing with your eyes has resurrected a hollow heart.  I longed to speak with you, to touch you but the chance fate wouldn’t allow. Instead you faded into the crowd and I allowed it to be so. Perhaps I’m frightened of things that might be said. Or maybe I’ve forgotten how tender you once were.

I must apologize for that.

Here you’ve come such a long way to grant me your precious smile only to be compensated with the vulgarities of dreadful memories. Yet you appear once more before the conclusion and my souls elated,my senses quickened.

Thank you.

Oh my love how I miss you so. Life has been such a burden since I last saw you. Why can’t I dream of being in your arms while listening to the heartbeat that once soothed? These lucid images quickly become clouded making it difficult to focus on your angelic face. Chaos surrounds when serenity shines straight at me and yet I’m unable to bask in its glory.

If there is a next time, please take my hand. I want to feel some part of you, if only for a moment to prove your existence once graced this orb called home. You completed me and now I’m left here alone and broken into irreparable pieces imploring to be fixed. But the debris is so fragmented that is unlikely I’ll ever be a whole again.

Last night comforted a restless mind now that I know you wait for me. If truth be told, I don’t wish to hold on any longer. Life without you is torment and isn’t living at all. It’s too hard. With you, it was never hard. Contentment is pretend and it’s becoming more and more difficult with each passing hour. Soon there won’t be enough left of me to care.

You are gone, taken right before mine eyes. And life, well hard or not, life goes on.

Please visit again soon, my love. Yes, it is bittersweet but most welcome on this mundane journey. It is you that I covet. My husband. My lover. My best friend.

With all the love that I have…..