The Palate of Spring

  For you, I acknowledged Shape  Though it is compete with Fate The consumer orders the Spear  Cook it, taste its green stalk  Ah, what a tasty crop  To my carnality, its time of year! No bitterness can it be  When this vegetable eat  No Dessert Room If fear of frost not come  Wait this … Continue reading The Palate of Spring

It’s Better to Look Good than to Feel Good

Are you really, really, ridiculously good-looking? For what seems like an eternity, people persist with their obsession about vanity. Era after era; the Hellenistic period in 31 BC, to the Renaissance in the 15th Century, and still today. It's all about the societal definition of what is beautiful and how superficial people really are.  Statistics show that even when the U.S. experienced an economical crises … Continue reading It’s Better to Look Good than to Feel Good