The Fiend In The Dark

Demon's,  in the Hollywood sense, don't exist. There are no ghosts, no supernatural beings that await for perfect timing to join a symbiotic host of innocence. I've seen true evil. Touched it. Lived with it. Loved it. Monsters are not devised physically, they're conceived. Preying on the vulnerable who are easy targets that will devote little … Continue reading The Fiend In The Dark

Dark Shadows in a Bleak City

The city is bleak see, bad people on the street tonight. On the corner, girls beg for profit expecting more than offered. Bad people I say, bad people. Chief calls as murder lurks from dark shadows, Perhaps a dame, perhaps a fink. Most don’t even care anymore. Life’s bad, real bad see. Gone are the … Continue reading Dark Shadows in a Bleak City

Contending to never surrender

In a world with so much chaoscan one obtain serenity? Having seen and heard the evil of all evilsthen becoming powerless in its grasp.In earnest I stumble as I look for answersfrom questions that come out of nowherewhile no one seems to care. Begging for helpas I fall on my kneeshoping there is mercy to be bestowed upon my readiness.There must be a … Continue reading Contending to never surrender