Loneliness is not a phase

Sitting there frozen alone longing for something more than a life of detachment. All day everyday surrounded by crowds of people yet feeling hopelessly invisible. Quite lonesome and fearful, thousands of people wither away as weakened social ties have brought the world to its knees rocking back and forth while begging for physical attention. Okay, that's a bit dramatic [...]


Alone and forgotten ~ Set aside not cared for, wrong again while grief strikes the very core of reality. Wounded and neglected, this affliction fester's with resentment yet to trudge I must seeking approval from someone who's not willing to grant any pardon. Abandoned with a heavy heart, the hole in my chest open forever [...]

Alas! A new Book!

It's a happy day, a happy day indeed!Acquaintance pleased to meet, excitement supersede.A joyful occasion arisen, special is today.Introduction amidst, the beginning underway.Relishing smell of the new, nothing to compare.Ink on parchment delicately placed, this moment's so rare.Quiet to sit, soothing the drink, a ritual that's mine.Published than shelved whereas, it's all about time.This is the part of life, the part [...]

A post-coital cuddle?

As foreign as the concept may be, yes the post-coital cuddle does exist. It is an elusive concept especially if your married with children but if you think back long and hard you just may remember a time when it occurred in your relationship. What is a post-coital cuddle? Well, for those of you who've not had the pleasure,  It's when a couple [...]