I ran from the moon, for promises that couldn't possibly be authentic I honored vowes, words fallen on ears not deaf yet listened not I was there, in a home with contrived assurance I led an esteemed life, one with contributions, sacrifices and venerated considerations Acceptance of distorted realities doesn't open one's eyes to see, [...]


  Storms have wrath which pales in comparison to the discharge of dominated passion when ebony skies govern time with the likes of you   A puerile fellow with an ample passion of ten men owns his claim as the day declines and forfeits to darkness, all without apologies while bestowing perfection within the stars [...]


Smiling for the first time in a long while, Captain Nicosia Musing gloated about her victory.  "It's been weeks since we've laid eyes on that ship and now finally she's ours for the taken. That stow-a-way boy had better be right in his claim about a treasure map be aboard." First mate, Grigori, indulged the captain even though [...]