Composed from the scandal of corrosive loins

Precious life is granted consciousness

New vivacity, supposedly unsoiled – so they say

Perfect and fresh

Given a century to sanctify their predecessor’s offenses  



Then again, a soul created from the tainted has little chance

Bequeathed a life of struggle and inauspicious circumstances

Abandoned by the donor who calls himself father



A heartless egotistical degenerate who cares for nothing

For no one

Especially those left behind drowning in a wake of rejection

The sins of the father

Passed down generation after naïve generation

Paid in tears by progenies



Born blind, misplaced in an unforgiving world

Impossible to live the ordinary

Causality infects with destructive outcomes



Vicious clichés a young child discounts

Yet, in time, anesthetized emotions secured inside a hardened heart

Held accountable to pay a debt tenfold, not of one’s own

But for the sake of genetic association






My tribute to dads

New Daddy Kissing Baby
New Daddy Kissing Baby (Photo credit: Lauren Paulsen)

As I contemplate what I’m going to write about for father’s day, I find this is one of the more difficult pieces I’ll have to compose. Not having a father growing up has left the holiday less than desirable for me.

Abandoned by my so called dad before I can remember, I’ve grown accustomed to find other ways to celebrate the occasion now that I have children of my own. After all, it’s now a very important holiday for my family.

So without further ado, here is my tribute to the men that have impacted little people throughout the ages leaving a positive impact on their lives, and what I dreamt about as I was a child.

He’s the first person to hold your tiny hand
Bestowing courage when there was none
Escorting you through difficult times in life
More valiant than Superman
He’s your fearless protector forever and ever
The one person to count on no matter what has transpired
Stronger than any other person in the whole wide word
And you’d dare anyone to put him to the test
You fly through the air into his arms
Trusting that they’d catch you every time
Which he did without fail
He cares like no one else
Holding you with strong arms
Everyone else pales in comparison
He’s the first man you fell in love with
Holding a place in heart no other can fill
Admiration and pride fills your soul
And for no other reason than
He’s your DAD…..