Meet a Young Woman Whose Life is Anything but Ordinary

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Meet a Young Woman Whose Life is Anything but Ordinary

By Michelle Ochsner

Here in the Treasure Valley, children grow up not only dreaming about life, but they also capture the moment and experience it. Sara Henry is no exception. Raised on the race track by her parents, Steve and Cathy Henry, it’s no surprise that this beautiful young woman lives life in the fast lane.

The retired racecar driver and owner of Wild West Aircraft, Steve Henry, raced Outlaw Karts and Mini-Sprints on dirt with Sara as she grew up. Traveling all over the west, this father-daughter team often finished 1st and 2nd.  Steve not only was her toughest competitor, but he is also her greatest influence. “He is a very competitive and an AMAZING driver.”

At the age of four, Sara started riding dirt bikes. By the time she was eleven, her dad introduced her to Go-Kart racing. From then on that was all she wanted to do and her winning streak started in 1996 when she raced her first Go-Kart and won a street race in Warden, Washington. “I won and the trophy was a huge box of potatoes and onions.”

Her first Sprint Car Main Event win came in 2007 at the Bob and Tom Naylor Memorial at the Meridian Speedway, a proud moment for her that she happily shared with her father. Currently competing in the Legends Division, Sara drives the number 22 car for owner Darin Turpen with crew members Brian Walker, Bill Cullum, and Brent Collins. For nineteen years Sara has fulfilled her aspirations of racing always driving as her special number; 22. With five championships in Outlaw Karts and Mini-Sprints, there are still so many objectives for this gal to achieve and not solely at the Meridian Speed Way.

After learning that one isn’t able to make a living at racing in Idaho and not willing to move away, Sara began to contemplate other interests as a profession. She decided to go into business for herself. It’s always something she’s wanted to accomplish plus she never wanted to work for someone else.

At the age of twenty, interested in art and being creative, Sara decided she wanted to be a cosmetologist. “It fits with my creative, fast-paced personality and always changes so I don’t ever get bored. I lease my station so I have my own business within a business. I’m free to make my own schedule and go racing on the weekends. It’s perfect! Plus both racing and doing hair, I meet a lot of great people. They go together more than you would think.”

Just as good at doing hair as she is racing, Sara works as a professional stylist at Lavish Hair and Nail Salon in Meridian. For ten years she’s used her skills to create the perfect look for her clients. One of her many forte’s is transforming overworked, dry, damaged hair into beautiful healthy tresses. “I love being a girly girl and doing hair and fashion! It’s creative and fun for me. I also love helping my clients feel good and confident in themselves knowing their hair is beautiful. I also specialize in men’s haircuts. I have a lot of clients from the track.”

Accepting new clients, Sara can give you that popular cut everyone’s been raving about or if color is what you’re in need of, she is the person to ask for as this is her specialty. With up to date techniques she continues her education and is always in the loop.  “Ongoing education is very important to me and I work hard to stay current on the newest trends and techniques. Education is most important in this business.”

Cosmetologist by day, race car driver on her off time; this thrill-seeking woman is anything but faint-hearted. One day she’s dirt biking at Silver Creek Summit then the next she is off racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Nevertheless, there’s more to Sara than high adrenaline adventures whose passion is not only for being on the track, she also has an inherent love for animals. So much that she attempted Vet Tech School and opened a business, Bird 22, selling Parrots to locals here in the Treasure Valley. “I built an Avery in a barn out back and had two types of birds. The room was temperature and humidity-controlled. I spent a lot of time keeping the birds happy.”

She sold the business after two years as it was a time commitment that took her away from the track. Today, she doesn’t have any Parrots. It’s just her and her racing buddy, Ferris, an Italian Greyhound. “I love Greyhounds! I love how sleek and fast they are and I think they are very artistic looking.”

Sara firmly believes that if you find something you love in life, you should go for it.  “Sometimes it doesn’t go the way you expected, but it was worth trying.”




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Reading made it possible to travel to far away lands, different time periods, and alternate realities. Those escapades that’d been unveiled, fashioned a longing for her to write.

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