Sick Of Feeling

  Everything is ready. There isn’t a single detail that she hasn’t thought of. From the moment of discovery to the nonchalant disregard of what she has done. Every minute detail has been outlined so that this irritating interruption won't prevent them from going back to whatever it was they were doing. The note will be [...]

News From The Moment

My entire approach to writing has evolved.  This entity is suddenly changing and growing. I'm engaging in more groups and find that I immensely enjoy writing prompts. Who knew? I find myself writing poetry all the time now.  The PAD challenges brought out a side of me that I didn't know existed. Although,  I now [...]

Until We Meet Again

Captured by the moment, beautiful and tender beyond all conception. Air frolics around carrying with it songs we sway to, Held up close by strength, there’s slight effort fashioned with ease. As if made for one, embraced by fantasy if only for fantasy’s sake. Impaired from the world, not that any tribulations enter the mind. Swirling around [...]

I’m one in a million

With an entire weekend alone, I'm faced with decisions of what to do with myself. Read a good book is one thing on my very long to-do list. So what book do I decide on? I give in to the hype and begin reading one of New York Times best-selling series, Fifty Shades of Grey. After listening to and reading [...]