Can you feel it?

As the pressure of Valentines Day bears down on everyone, anxiety levels get worse and worse with each passing year. Everywhere you look, furrowed brows gaze upon chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, balloons, flowers, and the card aisle which has an unbreakable blockade of men searching for perfect words on a valentine card. Grade school children are among those who feel the … Continue reading Can you feel it?

Carnations and Cloves

The sun is so bright it's virtually blinding, but I welcome it nonetheless. The warmth covers my body with all the comfort I need to on a day like today.  Smiling to myself as the heat bestows a curious pleasure over my body. I feel relaxed and safe.  The air is a thick and smells of carnations and cloves, nearly requiring too much effort to inhale, … Continue reading Carnations and Cloves

For Your Valentine

It’s that time of year again! You know; the one day a year people are socially obligated to publicly express their undying devotion, or at the very least, display their art of affection one way or another.  Relationship or not, if you have connected even the slightest bit with another human being, you should have … Continue reading For Your Valentine