CAFE DE PARIS Todayz Colorado Travel and Recreation 2011/2012

By Michelle Ochsner This extraordinary gem is a coffee shop and bistro-style restaurant located in the heart of Louisville, Colorado. Providing a relaxed comfortable environment and fresh made-to-order beverages, at Café de Paris every cup of Novo coffee is made fresh every time. This specialty coffee is meticulously selected, roasted, and brewed.  We carry over [...]

My Fungus Grew Fungi

It's a sad, sad day; a day like today A sad day The words come to dance but will not play A hopeless day as eyes stare in disbelief Full with grief The wholesome goodness taken by a thief I tried to save them, if only I could And should Heavy my heart with knowledge [...]

The Moon is Made of Cheese

The moon is made of cheese you know. Squishy and smelly for it is warm. The glow is a haze caused by malodor. Sitting by a warm fire admiring skies above. Would you have the same affair if truth be known? Fascination this orb beckons. Beautiful is it not? Ignorance tells a tale that has [...]