The Lost Sonnet

Celebration accompanies winners With smiling faces, acceptance mock worth Unbeknownst to them truth creates sinners A lie is a lie rear evils rebirth Prepared for an ugly untimely end To the demise of loving charity Who would have thought the gates of hell ascend Words spoken grant not a soul clarity As last breath tells of [...]


I'm frozen Unable to move Held down by an eternal heaviness I'm confused Can't see clearly The effect of this tragedy and it's guilt I'm Saddened So much grief Forever tainted by what ifs I'm alone Burdened in solitude No comfort holding sanity together I'm forgotten Never sought again Stuck in place for seemingly an [...]


You sold me out to save yourself. Desired by many. Loved by none. Too much to handle. Unlike no other, meant to be good. Intentions not to offend, none the less insolence vacillates. Intimidation presses. Men acting as boys, perhaps that's the misgiving. No man to handle such a siren. Looking for that one. Grab [...]

Alone in Death

  Vested in little to nothing keeps all safe while on goes thine eyes,taking all abandoned for nothingness.Care not for no one with a black heart, wonder why callous and cruel with venomous tongue poisons innocents. Silence unveils wickedness portraying beauty, trickster among angels fallen in the dead of the night. No longer matters, words [...]