Unsighted Reverence

Privileged with dominant esteem Flaunts aspirations that are elevated and in spite of everything, merely unmatched by perfection Amid conviction and wonderment Fraudulent exclamations of proclamation to proclaim, indeed! Refusal of such hierarchy for those who prevail expectedly  it's eminent Nonetheless, disappointment is the reward as strategies fall short Those delectable taunts of judgment Deceives [...]


Used up, nothing left to take so run off and away. That is how it's done. So typical. So cliché.The story isn't worth the effort to tell the tale, it's been told so often. Uninteresting anyway. Been there. Done that. Unable to stand up to right the wrongs, justified by your mortality of abandonment. Dog! [...]

Alone in Death

  Vested in little to nothing keeps all safe while on goes thine eyes,taking all abandoned for nothingness.Care not for no one with a black heart, wonder why callous and cruel with venomous tongue poisons innocents. Silence unveils wickedness portraying beauty, trickster among angels fallen in the dead of the night. No longer matters, words [...]

Laden by Loneliness

Looking up towards the sky with arms rose, as if someone’s there to lift her up and hold her. The pain's unbearable, to breathe is impossible. Take it away! Tears are stead fast melting away any happiness that once possessed her eyes. Her screams drown out the loudest sounds, yet no one can hear her [...]