What the hell is going on? Nothing makes sense anymore Chaos imitates superiority disguised as normality Fuck normal The very meaning of the word is alien Everything touched turns to shit Nothing or no one is immune to the ridiculousness of absurdity known as life Toxicity is rampant, therefore, dejectedly in the midst of one … Continue reading THE USUAL


Let it be, in a world without hope, void of love, deprived of happiness  I long to die  If memory serves, yesterday life was abundant, but eyes awoke in a hollow shell weighted heavily with despair An awful pain claws from within, it hurts to breathe Sadness suffocates and the veil is much too heavy … Continue reading COMPLETELY SPENT


  Thank you for reminding me how to smile                        For that old familiar feeling of happiness                        For disregarding my loneliness If only in lieu of a moment of time reminding me Of how … Continue reading ADMISSION OF GRADITUDE

For The Wicked Are Weary

To hold thoughts of obligated forced kindness is the greatest of mistakes, for if pleasure is neglected then all is forsaken, obligation or not. Dead and empty is the heart that once overflowed with grace and love now forever frozen by fate. By the light of fire blessed are these eyes and yet still be taken, … Continue reading For The Wicked Are Weary

So Close Your Eyes For Good

The wind cleanses with a rush of cool air almost as cruel as the worthless set upon shoulders once held proud. As if there was anyone to care.  Breath falls short into a shadow too dark, too deep for ears to catch the sound of wanting. Nothing left to say anyway.  Shrouded by loneliness, trapped … Continue reading So Close Your Eyes For Good