My foster family made the decision for all of us to go camping for my seventeenth birthday celebration. Upon our arrival at Deadwood Reservoir, I find the setting here in the thickest of forests textbook for our last days. Happily, I claim a spot next to the water and sunbathe most of the afternoon. Contemplating my [...]


I miss the beauty in your eyes - though I've never seen them Cruelty says it's for the best, I assure all that it is not - truly the worst What I wouldn't give to look into those eyes Just once - for it would be for all eternity I imagine them brown, so light [...]


Kindness is nothing but a word. Too few are kind, let alone show it to others. Every so often, the world's graced with the extraordinary. Someone who's defined by kindness, forever giving never taking. Immeasurable sadness, veils the world at the loss of such a person. Passing through this life, which is much too short for [...]

Our Path

The path walked along is sometimes winding and changes, bringing about excitement, from time to time; chaos. Sometimes the path is long and straightforward, possibly boring, at intervals it is the right direction. Sometimes the path seems dissipated, one becomes lost, alone, afraid. Sometimes we are carried along the path during moments of trial, given [...]