Don’t Waist Your Time on Making New Year Resoluions

Another New Years Eve has come and gone and to what avail have you gone to prepare for the ever so cliché resolutions. Balderdash! Yep; That's right. It's my bah humbug to New Years Eve. I say, "To hell with those silly and distasteful resolutions." New year, new beginnings my ars. Nearly 92 percent of those pesky [...]

Can you feel it?

As the pressure of Valentines Day bears down on everyone, anxiety levels get worse and worse with each passing year. Everywhere you look, furrowed brows gaze upon chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, balloons, flowers, and the card aisle which has an unbreakable blockade of men searching for perfect words on a valentine card. Grade school children are among those who feel the [...]