Back To Basics

Small angelic child knows of nothing of worldly grandeur.

Eyes startled for first time at nature’s greatest wonders.

Surprised at the sound of dried leaves underfoot in fall.

Amazed and dazzled as flakes of snow tickles noses than decorates landscapes.

O’s and ah’s at the magic of Christmas reaching tiny hands at the magnificence.

Springing forward presents new fascinations smelling colorful silky petals.

Playing in warm rain on soft grass and laughing so hard it hurts.

Grown and responsible all is forgotten until a little special person reminds.

Experiencing the world again for the first time through your child’s eyes.

Can you feel it?

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.
Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the pressure of Valentines Day bears down on everyone, anxiety levels get worse and worse with each passing year. Everywhere you look, furrowed brows gaze upon chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, balloons, flowers, and the card aisle which has an unbreakable blockade of men searching for perfect words on a valentine card.

Grade school children are among those who feel the pressure of gift giving all in the name of love. As if a child knows anything of this powerful emotion. Nonetheless, a ten-year old girl is out there at this very moment worried if her crush will appreciate his valentine.

The blame is solely of mass marketing and media outlets pressuring people into celebrating this occasion that’s somehow regarded as a holiday. Valentines Day has become a custom woven into American culture that’s comparable to Christmas.

Legend says that Saint Valentine endured persecution by the Roman Empire and imprisoned for performing wedding ceremonies for those forbidden to marry. Appointed for execution he wrote a farewell letter to his jailer’s daughter signed, “from your Valentine.”

Adapted as the most romantic day of the year, Valentines Day can either make a relationship or break it. Chalk it up to a make up day for disappointing birthdays and anniversary celebrations. This leaves men burdened with responsibilities of publicly worshiping their woman by ways of flamboyant gifts. And for some mind-boggling reason, these gifts grant a full pardon from those who were laid up with broken hearts. As if last years misery didn’t exist at all.

Brilliant marketing strategy!

Since the early 1900’s card companies have raked in billions of dollars

Brides (Photo credit: cheriejoyful)

with their written sentiments. In the 1980’s those in the diamond industry had a lightbulb moment and cashed in on the guilt ridden hearts of all men. The 20th century officially deemed such an occasion for renewing wedding vows and marriage ceremonies.

As reservations are kept and chocolate smiles are painted on faces, participation in the pageantry of February 14th is a reminder that it’s not just another day. It looks, taste, and smells better than any other.

So what will you be doing for your one and only?

Ways to enjoy a safe and happy New Year

an old post card

“As the new year quickly approaches we are once again left reflecting on the time that has passed all too quickly. Some had the best year of their life, while others not so much. Whatever the year brought you, It’s my wish that this next one will be the best yet!”
~Shell Ochsner

Here we are again my friends, anticipating the new year and the festivities that go with the holiday. Some will party till they drop while others will quietly usher in a new era. These are exiting times we live in, so let the fun begin. For those who have not yet made plans, below are just a few ideas on ways to celebrate.

Regardless of what you do to ring in the New Year please do not drink and drive.

Romantic Horse drawn carriage

– Take a horse and carriage ride through the city and enjoy the beautiful lights. Have peppermint coffee or hot chocolate ready and enjoy the city decor. Don’t forget the cozy blanket for snuggling. If you live in an area that is wonderfully warm, have a bottle of Champaign and toast in the New Year as you share that kiss.

– If you’re geared to impress, take your lover on a helicopter ride to view those amazing fireworks from above. Is there a better way to celebrate New Years?  Definitely a great way to make a memory.

Wisp her away from the hustle and bustle. Reserve a romantic getaway out of the city to a quiet winter wonderland. Don’t forget the provisions such as chocolate and Champaign.


A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

– There are many local bars, restaurants, and clubs if crowds of like-minded people is your thing. Dance the night away and live it up in style at your favorite party place.

– Attend a local festival. For a social more toned downed experience, google local festivals in your area and have a grand time. Never know, you may find a brew festival or a carnival. Make your holiday a unique experience as the clock counts down to midnight.

For kids

– Check local listings for places that offer entertainment  in a fun and safe environment. Most facilities will advertise as a local establishment that will have licensed childcare providers on site. There’s an age limit for childcare such as up to 12 years old or sixth grade with food and drinks provided for the kids.

With these grand idea’s there is no excuse for being a party pooper this year. If you’re not up for staying home this time around, plan ahead for fun-filled evening.

Happy Birthday Baby


Opening her presents

Ten years ago my life underwent dramatic changes that sent me spiraling on unimaginable adventures. It’s hard to conceptualize now, but back then when my sweet girl was born I was terrified of what I was up against. Never wanting children, yet I was about to be responsible for this person who grew inside of me. Now, ten years later, I realize how silly my fears were.

The character she’s today is remarkable. Izabella is turning into a lovely young lady with sparkling eyes that are two toned changing from brown to green around the pupil and a dark grey surrounding the color. Her smile is genuine and lights up her entire face. Her laugh is contagious and one can not help but start in with her. She is a happy child filled with love that touches anyone who she comes across.

The amount of joy I have experienced because of her, takes away every ounce of pain I suffered as I chose to keep her. She is a constant reminder that everyday is a blessing from God and I will cherish my daughter until the day I’m no longer among the living.

She is a person of perfect beauty with a good soul. I pray everyday that she does not lose this part of her as she grows into a woman. I’m plagued with hope that life is good to her, as sometimes it’s unkind.  Every evening before sleep I ask that she makes good decisions and lives a grand life filled with adventure and love.

Happy tenth birthday my daughter!

Bella and Brooke waiting to cut the cake.


My tribute to dads

New Daddy Kissing Baby
New Daddy Kissing Baby (Photo credit: Lauren Paulsen)

As I contemplate what I’m going to write about for father’s day, I find this is one of the more difficult pieces I’ll have to compose. Not having a father growing up has left the holiday less than desirable for me.

Abandoned by my so called dad before I can remember, I’ve grown accustomed to find other ways to celebrate the occasion now that I have children of my own. After all, it’s now a very important holiday for my family.

So without further ado, here is my tribute to the men that have impacted little people throughout the ages leaving a positive impact on their lives, and what I dreamt about as I was a child.

He’s the first person to hold your tiny hand
Bestowing courage when there was none
Escorting you through difficult times in life
More valiant than Superman
He’s your fearless protector forever and ever
The one person to count on no matter what has transpired
Stronger than any other person in the whole wide word
And you’d dare anyone to put him to the test
You fly through the air into his arms
Trusting that they’d catch you every time
Which he did without fail
He cares like no one else
Holding you with strong arms
Everyone else pales in comparison
He’s the first man you fell in love with
Holding a place in heart no other can fill
Admiration and pride fills your soul
And for no other reason than
He’s your DAD…..