The decade has been waisted Times cruel touch grasp heavily,      sure to crush the will to live Today, there's no sense to make,      as pain poisons all logic Brutal are the hands that wound,      and violently kills love Damaged, broken, the brides mocked      a whore labeled unworthy [...]

Angel of My Eye

Little angel of my eye, sprouted wings to venture.  Here and there farther away, oh how time flies. Precious little one once were you, precious still not so little. Essence of beauty your face shines, bringing light to all the world. Always will till ages of time, a place in my heart holds true. Little [...]

5 Drinks to get you through this artic winter

It's chilly outside, and your internal thermometer is working overtime as ice-cold temperatures freeze your bones. The one commonality everyone shares at the moment is how to get warm. While icicles form as clouds drop flakes of snow, all one can do is find simple pleasures to occupy ones time. For me, it's all about the drink. Listed below you'll read about five delectable delights that I enjoy [...]