The decade has been waisted
Times cruel touch grasp heavily,
     sure to crush the will to live
Today, there’s no sense to make,
     as pain poisons all logic
Brutal are the hands that wound,
     and violently kills love

Damaged, broken, the brides mocked
     a whore labeled unworthy
Children question the why’s
     without answers presented
Assumptions deem her useless
     disposable, deserving

Hands meant to protect, heal, love
     merely offend with a strike
Uncaring notions at best
     concerning a lifelong vow
Vows meant nothing from cold lips
     emotionless, without care

Sacrificed everything
     for nothing but selfish gains
Taking down everyone
     without consideration
While labeling the bride, whore
     a beaten down, foul, whore

Emergancy Readiness, The Kit

Winter is no longer approaching, it’s defiantly here and if your like most of us, odds are you haven’t a clue about how you and your family would react in a crises under normal circumstances let alone when isn’t below freezing. Having a plan of action could be the very thing that keeps your family safe in the event of a catastrophe no matter what the weather is doing outside.

The United States endures hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes, riots, terrorist attacks, and many other emergencies. There isn’t any one place that’s completely protected from an act of God, adversity, affliction, or just plain bad luck. If experience has taught us anything over the last one hundred years, it’s that life as we know it can permanently change in a split second without so much as a moments notice.

Being ready for a disaster does take time, but once you have a plan of action it’ll all be worth the effort. Just thinking about putting together an emergency kit can make one feel as if spinning in cyclone. Your mind will play tricks trying to confuse what’s important and what isn’t necessary. But don’t put off this most important task. Start with the bare necessities.

The CDC encourages everyone to take a moment and join their effort to educate, organize, and put into action some standard of preparedness.



Humans and animals cannot live without water. Store enough for each person in the family for at least three days. One gallon per person per day. And don’t forget your pets. Keep water and other fluids in a cool dark area for storage and replace every six months. If you’re unsure about if water is safe to drink, boil it.

Dehydration can cause short-term memory issues, lack of focus, and  exhaustion. Being dehydrated also causes joint pain when the fluid is no longer cushioning and lubricating. Fluids also flush out toxins  that can lead to other health complications in your major organs.

Hydration  regulates body temperature and aids in the digestive process to properly distribute vital nutrients. There are benefits to drinking fluids of any kind once your thirsty, with the exception of alcohol.

WebMD suggest, if your dehydrated stay away from alcoholic beverages as this triggers the kidney’s to flush the good and the bad out of your body.  In an emergency, you’re going to need to stay as healthy and mentally sharp as possible.



We can live longer without food, but let’s not push it. It’s best to have non-perishable items like canned and dehydrated food. These have a shelf life of about two years. Store food in a dark cool area to prevent spoilage and don’t forget the manual can opener. Be sure to date the food with a sharpie and remember to replace items that are getting old.

Use the fluid in canned foods for flavor and hydration as most are packed with vitamins and  nutrients. Use it to mix foods such as potato flakes and oatmeal or to boil noodles.


This is more difficult if a loved one takes prescription meds. However, some prescribe medications have mild over the counter brands. Medicine such as Zantac and Clariton are good examples. For more serious health conditions, seek the advice of your physician.


Hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol, gauze, tape, bandages, surgical gloves, tweezers, CPR mouth barrier, antibiotic ointment, Benadryl, pain reliever, scissors, and paper towels. The American Red Cross website many first aid kits available for sale.


You never know if shelter will be available, or what season it’ll be when a disaster happens. Sleeping bags are very handy and they are heavy and durable. Appropriate clothing and blankets should be stored in a tote or a box clearly labeled. Include coats, hats, and gloves for winter and shorts, t-shirts, and swimwear for summertime.


Add plenty of candles and firewood and/or propane for cooking, heat, and visibly. NOTE: Never use propane devices inside!


If possible, be informed. Search local channels for updates on what’s happening. Listen for where the medical facilities are located, times and places where food and water will be delivered, and rescue crews whereabouts.


Plan for the power to be out for at last three days. Use batteries sparingly. Once gone, there gone.


Soap, hand lotion/vaseline, hair brush, hair ties and barrett’s, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, wipes, wash cloths, and towels. Can you survive without these items? Well yes. But why would you want to? After all, this is about being ready.

For some, this kit will be more like a storage unit. Others, just a corner in the basement or garage. It all depends on the level of preparedness and the amount of people you’ll need to be ready for.

Angel of My Eye

My Sweet Baby Girl and I

Little angel of my eye, sprouted wings to venture. 

Here and there farther away, oh how time flies.

Precious little one once were you, precious still not so little.

Essence of beauty your face shines, bringing light to all the world.

Always will till ages of time, a place in my heart holds true.

Little angel of my eye, too soon gone on your own.

Live without regrets, no tears enough for me to cry.

Your smile bright will never let me down, a memory to have always.

Learn and love as happiness is all that matters. 

Pray kindness graces each step, deserving no less for cherished. 

Pledge to you, always there if need be.

There is no love like I have for you, the best part of me I give.



5 Drinks to get you through this artic winter

Frosty Footpath - winter snow
Frosty Footpath – winter snow (Photo credit: blmiers2)

It’s chilly outside, and your internal thermometer is working overtime as ice-cold temperatures freeze your bones. The one commonality everyone shares at the moment is how to get warm. While icicles form as clouds drop flakes of snow, all one can do is find simple pleasures to occupy ones time.

For me, it’s all about the drink. Listed below you’ll read about five delectable delights that I enjoy immensely.

1.) A good old fashion cup of coffee. The the java gods have Cup of Coffeebestowed upon me a dire need for this bitter-sweet delectable seed. (Yes the coffee bean is actually a seed. Please see earlier post, For the love of java)

The best thing about this drink is there are such diverse flavors and mixtures ranging from a black cup of joe to the sweet taste of a creamy mocha. And although you can sip on this beverage hot or cold, I prefer mine to be hot, hot, hot!

Jvas bailey's macro2.)The most obvious choice of a warm drink is naturally hot coco. However I like to spice mine up with liquor such as Baileys or Kahlua. Nothing soothes old achy bones like a hot cup of coco with a shot of elixir.

For the kids, put a candy cane in their cup for a hint of peppermint. They are unable to resist this concoction along with gooey marshmallows.

Tea Inventory
Tea Inventory (Photo credit: euphbass)

3.) For those brisk evenings a hot cup of tea hits the spot. Curl up with a blanket and let the brew work its magic. It’s just what the body needs to relax right before bed.

The best thing about this liquid delight is there are many flavors to choose. So pick one that suits your mood. From Mint Melody to Raspberry Zinger, there are no lack of choices.

4.)Bloody Mary with Smirnoff Vodka, the spicier the better. Most of the time this drink’s served cold, make it my way and the kick alone will warm you up in no time.

My recipe:

wpid-2012-05-19-18.16.05.jpgV8 Spicy Hot, three to four dashes of Cholula Hot Sauce, 1 tsp Lemon Juice, 2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce, splash of Garlic PowderPepper, 1 Celery Stalk, and Pimento stuffed Green Olives. Of course don’t forget the Vodka, I use two shots per glass.

Exercise caution with this mixture as it’s potent and is known to knock your socks off.

5.) Wine. Yes I said it. What could be better than soaking in a hot bathTempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh... drinking a glass of wine while reading a good book or listening to music? Nothing.

There are innumerable beverages to warm you during this arctic freeze. These are just a few suggestions. Use your imagination, have fun with it. You and your family can even make a game out of it to occupy the time while cooped up inside.

Ways to enjoy a safe and happy New Year

an old post card

“As the new year quickly approaches we are once again left reflecting on the time that has passed all too quickly. Some had the best year of their life, while others not so much. Whatever the year brought you, It’s my wish that this next one will be the best yet!”
~Shell Ochsner

Here we are again my friends, anticipating the new year and the festivities that go with the holiday. Some will party till they drop while others will quietly usher in a new era. These are exiting times we live in, so let the fun begin. For those who have not yet made plans, below are just a few ideas on ways to celebrate.

Regardless of what you do to ring in the New Year please do not drink and drive.

Romantic Horse drawn carriage

– Take a horse and carriage ride through the city and enjoy the beautiful lights. Have peppermint coffee or hot chocolate ready and enjoy the city decor. Don’t forget the cozy blanket for snuggling. If you live in an area that is wonderfully warm, have a bottle of Champaign and toast in the New Year as you share that kiss.

– If you’re geared to impress, take your lover on a helicopter ride to view those amazing fireworks from above. Is there a better way to celebrate New Years?  Definitely a great way to make a memory.

Wisp her away from the hustle and bustle. Reserve a romantic getaway out of the city to a quiet winter wonderland. Don’t forget the provisions such as chocolate and Champaign.


A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.

– There are many local bars, restaurants, and clubs if crowds of like-minded people is your thing. Dance the night away and live it up in style at your favorite party place.

– Attend a local festival. For a social more toned downed experience, google local festivals in your area and have a grand time. Never know, you may find a brew festival or a carnival. Make your holiday a unique experience as the clock counts down to midnight.

For kids

– Check local listings for places that offer entertainment  in a fun and safe environment. Most facilities will advertise as a local establishment that will have licensed childcare providers on site. There’s an age limit for childcare such as up to 12 years old or sixth grade with food and drinks provided for the kids.

With these grand idea’s there is no excuse for being a party pooper this year. If you’re not up for staying home this time around, plan ahead for fun-filled evening.