Kindness is nothing but a word. Too few are kind, let alone show it to others. Every so often, the world's graced with the extraordinary. Someone who's defined by kindness, forever giving never taking. Immeasurable sadness, veils the world at the loss of such a person. Passing through this life, which is much too short for … Continue reading Dearest

Our Path

The path walked along is sometimes winding and changes, bringing about excitement, from time to time; chaos. Sometimes the path is long and straightforward, possibly boring, at intervals it is the right direction. Sometimes the path seems dissipated, one becomes lost, alone, afraid. Sometimes we are carried along the path during moments of trial, given … Continue reading Our Path

Back To Basics

Small angelic child knows of nothing of worldly grandeur. Eyes startled for first time at nature's greatest wonders. Surprised at the sound of dried leaves underfoot in fall. Amazed and dazzled as flakes of snow tickles noses than decorates landscapes. O's and ah's at the magic of Christmas reaching tiny hands at the magnificence. Springing forward … Continue reading Back To Basics

To Begin Simply To End

The beauty of today has sprung sweetness and joy, lavishing intoxicating nectar amuck. A startling beginning valued worth the golden sun while binding the earth to the sky, perfection in unity dares not compare as holy angels rejoice. Vast grandeur encompasses through and through, accountable protection settles softly for adjustment is great. Significant celebrations in all of heaven … Continue reading To Begin Simply To End