Laying awake for no other reason than thoughts of you dancing in my mind.  Restless passing yet no change of season trapped in darkness, loneliness. Blinded by truths too terrible to speak, thus I do not inquire within. Terrified of the one answer I long to overt for eternity; Not good enough for you to [...]

Death, Your an Ass

Circumstance allows very few people to live here in this dimension as anchors for others. These individuals hold down some of us so we don’t lose it and go completely insane. But what are we supposed to do when those we're bonded to are no longer among us? What are we to do as they leave this plane of existence to [...]

Dear dire trepidation of my being

You have haunted me nearly all of my days as I trudge this plain day after dayin your loathsomeness.You deceive meand I've grown to be exhaustedwith each passing yearstruggling to prove you wrong.Addicted to passion like no other destroying any chance of an ordinary life. Crafting it nearly unbearableI have grown black and ugly inside. Emptiness is courting [...]

Contending to never surrender

In a world with so much chaoscan one obtain serenity? Having seen and heard the evil of all evilsthen becoming powerless in its grasp.In earnest I stumble as I look for answersfrom questions that come out of nowherewhile no one seems to care. Begging for helpas I fall on my kneeshoping there is mercy to be bestowed upon my readiness.There must be a [...]