Seduction attracts Lips tangled in passions kiss Lovers we become

Until We Meet Again

Captured by the moment, beautiful and tender beyond all conception. Air frolics around carrying with it songs we sway to, Held up close by strength, there’s slight effort fashioned with ease. As if made for one, embraced by fantasy if only for fantasy’s sake. Impaired from the world, not that any tribulations enter the mind. Swirling around … Continue reading Until We Meet Again

Love. Desire. Passion.

He called her boring, as in no fun anymore. Said she's not living life and now acts like an old woman. No longer appeasing his ideology of what a good time consist. Not getting it at all. She delights in enjoyable amusement. The merriment is just different from his version. Fun that does not contain disastrous consequences that will happen to be the beginning of the end. … Continue reading Love. Desire. Passion.