Lost dreams, broken and fragmented in a reality occupied by deception and cruelty. Where no hero exists, since the futile day is not for saving. No long forgotten love transpiring through bitterness to conquer anything. Easily discarded, like a piece of common garbage without a collector to put away. Unfeeling Unfortunate Unworthy


It's gone.Whatever intellect advocated has escaped forever,rightfully so.Taking down a line of long inconsequential thoughts,unimportant. No one really cares in any respect,No body ever will.Those who say they do, lie. Liars mocking in the way that they can only do,pretentious as they are.Why make feeble attempts to convince at all?Cruelty at its finest,besting those who entrust wholeheartedly. Presuming acceptance and … Continue reading Whatever


Alone and forgotten ~ Set aside not cared for, wrong again while grief strikes the very core of reality. Wounded and neglected, this affliction fester's with resentment yet to trudge I must seeking approval from someone who's not willing to grant any pardon. Abandoned with a heavy heart, the hole in my chest open forever … Continue reading Why