Parting is such sweet sorrow

As the untimely end of my latest decade approaches, I'm left with mournful feelings that nearly break ones heart. This is the last week of the first half of my life, and it saddens me to say goodbye. Nonetheless, goodbye is necessary as I start a new chapter. With only eight years left of children at home, I'm in dire [...]

A post-coital cuddle?

As foreign as the concept may be, yes the post-coital cuddle does exist. It is an elusive concept especially if your married with children but if you think back long and hard you just may remember a time when it occurred in your relationship. What is a post-coital cuddle? Well, for those of you who've not had the pleasure,  It's when a couple [...]

Contending to never surrender

In a world with so much chaoscan one obtain serenity? Having seen and heard the evil of all evilsthen becoming powerless in its grasp.In earnest I stumble as I look for answersfrom questions that come out of nowherewhile no one seems to care. Begging for helpas I fall on my kneeshoping there is mercy to be bestowed upon my readiness.There must be a [...]


Eyes golden brown accompanying a smile to shine Touches sending chills enchanted that he's mine To have and to hold forever and ever A match made in heaven nothing more clever Our love unique as friends we are Above all things passion is far Unique as I said, ours is what it is Myself all it is true as I am his I love [...]