Are your impressions similar to mine? Fixed are you to wish as I do? Ardent desires have been awakened and sensibilities long lost are now reclaimed,         although compelled a lifetime ago to be misplaced forever I'm happy Well,         mostly Emergent contentment arises and elation cumulates while together It’s as if the attraction will … Continue reading IN HIGH SPIRITS; SATISFIED

Defensive Weapons

To spat is to spew Walls go up, keep out for that, blood you drew Mouth shouldn't have spout Cold as ice remains Words as weapons, kill Souls never the same Yet death comes not, still Await kindness, not Thoughtless always true the battle is lost Compassion eludes Weapons from spiked tongues Stabbed by deadly … Continue reading Defensive Weapons

Idyllic Birth

  My lover, my friend – bestowed upon us on this day of all days when royalty ought to kneel down to the natural world Today the shining of the sun’s rays flow on fields of sprays in bloom – the trees dance - life celebrates for such an occasion Oh my love, favorable fortunes … Continue reading Idyllic Birth