One Word at a Time

I honestly love you, and as such is why sorrow consumes my heart. Eyes once foretold a wondrous life, left only to be forgotten and alone. Hand’s strong as iron shattered the sturdiest of bridges, rubble litters our course. Happily I would have died with you, instead dying by cause of you. To age and [...]

Death, Your an Ass

Circumstance allows very few people to live here in this dimension as anchors for others. These individuals hold down some of us so we don’t lose it and go completely insane. But what are we supposed to do when those we're bonded to are no longer among us? What are we to do as they leave this plane of existence to [...]

How to resolve conflict

Is your day spent in complete chaos and are you up to your elbows in, well, work? You plug away doing your job while being forced into acting like a complete nincompoop giving in to ridiculous demands when all you really want to say is, “are you kidding me, in your dreams,” or “no freaking [...]

Wait a minute…I need to put on my “Gosh I really care” face

The stress of the holidays and family obligations can be downright brutal with all of the parties, shopping, work, and home responsibilities. Eventually something has to give and hopefully it’s not your sanity. All the chaos can make a person tense and hard to deal with putting a strain on anyone who interacts with them. As hard [...]