I ran from the moon, for promises that couldn't possibly be authentic I honored vowes, words fallen on ears not deaf yet listened not I was there, in a home with contrived assurance I led an esteemed life, one with contributions, sacrifices and venerated considerations Acceptance of distorted realities doesn't open one's eyes to see, [...]


      I am a moonbeam The light that illuminates an obscured condition in the night I offer my guidance it's what I do Ambiance arranged for romances are my doing Lovers are my forte Especially ageless love that's stood the trials of time I embellish the world with the serene as my elegance [...]

Confessions of a Moonlighter

I'd steal the moon from the stars for you, Encompassed with its brilliance to fill you with love and happiness. Illuminating your beautiful eyes that shine, As if flakes of gold stationed by the hand of God himself. In all its splendor stolen just for you, A gift that you alone deserve for nothing else [...]

The Moon is Made of Cheese

The moon is made of cheese you know. Squishy and smelly for it is warm. The glow is a haze caused by malodor. Sitting by a warm fire admiring skies above. Would you have the same affair if truth be known? Fascination this orb beckons. Beautiful is it not? Ignorance tells a tale that has [...]