Forsaken Tears

    My heart breaks with represented memories of this day Love binds in spite of death,                    though life never conferred a chance Fate interceded and purloined life to ruin All that remains is emptiness where light had once shown through               [...]

Angel of My Eye

Little angel of my eye, sprouted wings to venture.  Here and there farther away, oh how time flies. Precious little one once were you, precious still not so little. Essence of beauty your face shines, bringing light to all the world. Always will till ages of time, a place in my heart holds true. Little [...]

My tribute to dads

As I contemplate what I’m going to write about for father’s day, I find this is one of the more difficult pieces I’ll have to compose. Not having a father growing up has left the holiday less than desirable for me. Abandoned by my so called dad before I can remember, I’ve grown accustomed to find [...]