Falling down the rabbit hole where all hope of a sanctuary is lost and disorientation paralyzes  as darkness obscures concealing deliberations and weakening observances otherwise would have been foretold   Take away the pain, release these haunting's that overburdened with acidic air choking my lungs              as assassinations take place then refuse essences to go [...]


  So lost in nothingness, her shine is gone Set on a mantel, forgotten ignored Twice in one lifetime, put aside Left alone Trophies are covetable, if only they remain perfect But youth and beauty fades, making her no longer worthy Love becomes non-existent, she's solely creature of convenience Money, stability, for anything but love [...]


Heaviness crushes as souls are drawn down while burdens of time weighs excessively Unable to ascertain answers that hide in shadows paralyzed by the unknown As if drugged under the aegis of sorrow, dying in the name of pain Breaths embellished with gravity full of modest cinders that burn too much Succombing to fate only to be [...]


  November is the cruelest of months                                                                                                                                     Giving false hopes of knights in shining armor Swearing undying affection and persuasions of happier days as if fate commands the meaning                                                                                                                                                                                            In droves, prayers sent for gratefulness yet forgotten as hastily as released    Greed, gluttony, overkill             ~ Expeditious merriment bequeathed broken casualties from a battle in the cold [...]