Falling down the rabbit hole where all hope of a sanctuary is lost and disorientation paralyzes  as darkness obscures concealing deliberations and weakening observances otherwise would have been foretold   Take away the pain, release these haunting's that overburdened with acidic air choking my lungs              as assassinations take place then refuse essences to go [...]


Bred a life of loneliness and despair Hands woven since touch is meaningless Shadows casts darkness that blinds Covering thine eyes  Hidden away is the destruction of Canvasses once beautifully marked my stains of nativities blood Have you no heart? Oh impossible rouge, betrayal of all the world You must find such trivial ramblings amusing [...]


There is no clarity I know not what I do Or who I'm supposed to be Lost in world that does not understand Reaching out Simply to come at emptiness Truly, does no one care? Sleep alone Wake alone Breathe alone So you truly await my death?


  So lost in nothingness, her shine is gone Set on a mantel, forgotten ignored Twice in one lifetime, put aside Left alone Trophies are covetable, if only they remain perfect But youth and beauty fades, making her no longer worthy Love becomes non-existent, she's solely creature of convenience Money, stability, for anything but love [...]