The Great Day of His Wrath

Neglected I always lose
Never…Unaware of hate I’ve not succeeded
Outside uncertain, do I stop?
Your constitution is crying from you
Listen you, why am I to commendate?
We are measured to be different
Not now, you won’t ever unmanage
That affair doesn’t extinguish you

You are the one who dismissed your departure
You are the one who couldn’t last
You disbelieve that death’s pushed into me
You disbelieve that happiness is fixed from me

Never you can’t always listen
You’ve lost nothing foremost me
This is the consequence, I just answer and reply
For this compliment to escape you
Hear me, why are you to criticize?
Aren’t we acquainted to be inconsistent?
It is assumed, you will always be unruly
That faithfulness is cold to you?

You are the one who rejected my escape
You are the one who can bolt
You touch the inanimacy that’s assaulted me
You discredit the anger permanently fixed

You discount inappropriately all to be free
You loosely tried
I did my time
You failed and rejected me
You gave up your future
You neglected your present
You lost your future

You are the one who dismissed your divergence
You are the one who withdrew first
You let go the intimacy forced from me
You cower to contentment


It starts with her beauty in my eyes, it moves...

My hand set upon the hardness of him,

Feeling the rock like mass under his jeans.

Our eyes meet,

A smile discovered upon his lips.

What he wants is of no consequence,

My body has already said yes.

Big strong hand grasping mine,

Leads us into temptation.

His lips are sweet and great,

I am lost in him.

Ideas of redemption are absent,

Following beside him guided on a path.

Destination self destruct is our course,

But it feels like paradise.

Allure of sex overwhelms every sense that should rectify,

Right or wrong matters not anymore.

He wants me.

He wants me.

Sealed together our bodies mold into one,

Lips on lips and skin on skin.

Fingers that send one into mental blankness,

No breath to take as it’s escaped.

Fire blazes throughout the course of my entire body,

He enters and the universe becomes all colorful.

Hours pretend to be days that go by and by,

Pleasure inundates again and again.

Relinquishing all known for pleasure beyond perception,

Taken harder while his name escapes my lips.

Commanding a release,

A release I cannot deny nor would I want to.

Madness settles still pleased all the same,

Nil regrets shadow what’s missing.

Memories happily carried by no one except me,

Days bearable with simple recognition.

He wants me.

He wants me.

Used to be



wish         someone
I wish


used to be someone






wish                          something
Please                                              better




Abduct, corrupt




                  silence         lonely
silence         lonely
Who knows
hearing             me
hearing             me
Go home


Cause  freaks                          tonight
packed up


I wish                      something
I wish


I could feel
Abduct  , corrupt   ,                never
It’s just saturated loneliness




                      I wish


But I never can
I never can



Unspoken Lies

DSC02342/Izabella Jagiello


Elation falls lazy I be,


Laze around that entails.


Zeal boy!


Lineal not like zeta that shall elate,


Zany to near boil should the boat float lazily.


The zealot drowned by lien in a thin line,


Eaten by loyal goers in the biz.


Neatly is written the bio forced down nail driven forever,


Bye nothing left alone not for any.


Bile comes, Nay!


A long tail dark as ebony,


Tali broken of course boney it is too much.


Laity exerts as bone converts to oat colored dust,


Written is the byline for truths bent to please.


Unspoken lies run oily not to obey,


Collected like lint going nowhere stored like bytes.


Valid as a lions hunger elevated settling in loins not of nobly men,


Tie ones heart by bony lite imbeciles.


Shackled down on tile dreaming of admired inlets,


Rude reality slams its fist on the table to belay those dreams.


Anger to blaze not in a single lane,


I leant when night is not late.


Yon a tale is sung but not for me,


Beauty possessed is only settled on the Nile.


Words Buried in Words





Chime considering ice feels like hell


Heel down the spiral as mice do


Lie after lie carried by he at the helm


Chi winds sound beyond the bounds of a mile


Lime melts abandons me as a leech I evolve into