Examine as time builds memories that never fade Until release the still beating heart, never holds to yesterday Pointless it seems as tomorrow came and went Sustains devotion useless it may be presumed affection embraces matters, as if such things truly matter Today times well spent if time is spent at all But of course [...]


  Caustic Might as well be virulence emanating amidst Enfolding a broken spirit With degenerative liquescent           bones, hollow equally poison diverts Infecting all adjacent Tornado of emotions           extends rampant Destroying remains of           preciousness hatred fester's as love fails Dying breathes with no voice           dissipate Nothingness is void and [...]

Postscript of Identity

  Deep in skin, beauty resides Faded glory parades at a close distance Forsaken and wanting always wanting more Righteous sinner poisons mind and body While Hypocrites' venom off smooth lips Love of yourself For yourself Condemnation For to have it all sharing with no one, A pitiful existence fallen upon weak shoulders So very [...]


  Bury the pain Let no one in Hide it away Believe your sin   Keep to yourself For all its merit No claim for help Fixed to swallow it   Realities of life Can be a shame Apportions your strife Tis the game   Play it well and concede An artificial smile Through eyes [...]

Appraising the Disintegration

  Tears were allegory as parting of ways commenced Kindness disciplined with failed attempts at respect provoking one another   Worthiness noted although efforts are botched, Inevitability lingers as valediction disregarded and perverse silence hinders   Though predicaments were sorrowful Prediction of events were foreseen None-the-less noteworthy