One Word at a Time

I honestly love you, and as such is why sorrow consumes my heart. Eyes once foretold a wondrous life, left only to be forgotten and alone. Hand’s strong as iron shattered the sturdiest of bridges, rubble litters our course. Happily I would have died with you, instead dying by cause of you. To age and … Continue reading One Word at a Time

Gently Suffocate

  Fooled with derision says the memoir,   If only to feel no more and vanquish the torment of it.   Eyes looking down with strife now saddened,   It seems easier to close the door since I did my time.   How was I so wrong?   Everyone concludes I’m satisfied,   My smile sings a … Continue reading Gently Suffocate

The Moon is Made of Cheese

The moon is made of cheese you know. Squishy and smelly for it is warm. The glow is a haze caused by malodor. Sitting by a warm fire admiring skies above. Would you have the same affair if truth be known? Fascination this orb beckons. Beautiful is it not? Ignorance tells a tale that has … Continue reading The Moon is Made of Cheese

Wisdom show thy self

I'm coldWhat has happened?Life was so full, now left to ruble.Icy stings surround all conscience.Confused by its simplicity.Soft bristles caress my cheek,covering sight so completely.Cowering to an entity not seen.Liquid corrupts senses not explained yet welcomed all the same.Stinging as it descends but to where?Pretending is such an easy thing to do as no one truly knows the reality.Such secrecy necessary for survival.But grown tiredno longer wishing to … Continue reading Wisdom show thy self