Shark Week 2015

After a long-awaited year, our anticipation climaxes as beautiful creatures of the deep-sea emerge on our television screens and social media sites. My daughter, Bells and I couldn’t wait for these formidable and mighty apex predators to grace the screen in our living room for an entire week. With technology today, even my “know it all” [...]

The Deep Blue

Wondrous beauty engulfing all the world with precious life, Giving and giving perfect glory used by all. Height measured in abundance swallows the sky above, Great beast to roam free murky and hard to see. Deepest of blues than green never-ending in some degree, Celebrated life created sometimes taken. Always given back if appreciated in [...]

Kill the Ocean, Destroy the Planet

Media sensationalism and extensive ignorance has given the great white shark a bad reputation and on the brink of extinction. According to the International Shark Attack File, the species is responsible for seventy-five confirmed unprovoked attacks on humans worldwide in 2011.  Their role as a menace is very much exaggerated. A creature that is inclusively feared since 1945 [...]