I ran from the moon, for promises that couldn't possibly be authentic I honored vowes, words fallen on ears not deaf yet listened not I was there, in a home with contrived assurance I led an esteemed life, one with contributions, sacrifices and venerated considerations Acceptance of distorted realities doesn't open one's eyes to see, [...]



  Storms have wrath which pales in comparison to the discharge of dominated passion when ebony skies govern time with the likes of you   A puerile fellow with an ample passion of ten men owns his claim as the day declines and forfeits to darkness, all without apologies while bestowing perfection within the stars [...]


Falling down the rabbit hole where all hope of a sanctuary is lost and disorientation paralyzes  as darkness obscures concealing deliberations and weakening observances otherwise would have been foretold   Take away the pain, release these haunting's that overburdened with acidic air choking my lungs              as assassinations take place then refuse essences to go [...]