Happy Birthday Baby

  Ten years ago my life underwent dramatic changes that sent me spiraling on unimaginable adventures. It's hard to conceptualize now, but back then when my sweet girl was born I was terrified of what I was up against. Never wanting children, yet I was about to be responsible for this person who grew inside of me. Now, ten years later, I realize how silly [...]

Giggling Angels

It’s bright and warm here and there is  baby powder and jasmine in the air. I’m intoxicatingly happy with butterflies in my tummy wildly tickling me. The feeling is nearly indescribable as I try to comprehend what is occurring. I’m unable to recall ever feeling so entirely blissful. In an implausibly white room lying on [...]

My Daughter

I know, as writers, we are not to journalize our thoughts and post to our blog. However, today my mind's preoccupied with my daughter and it has given me writers block. So I figured why not share the happiest moment of my life? After all, writing is what I do and she is all I want to [...]