Take for worth alone As petals bloom in the spring  Balanced on  loves thrown

Anxious Are The Dead

You came to me last night.  It's been so very long since such tenderness with a beautiful smile has sought me out.  I saw the love in your eyes. A love promised to so very long ago swearing to be forever true for always. None-the-less, to see you once more was a welcomed distraction. It's been too … Continue reading Anxious Are The Dead


I remember this day, today back then Every tiny detail; life would begin For me that is; bundle of joy of mine For me that is; until the end of time Only I to celebrate your entry Into the world we'll reside as friendly Never have felt more pain, fear, joy, and pride Heart of … Continue reading Duodenary


Faith given unto one of consequence still unknown though Right of passages, ownership not yet lost still the quiet Even keeled soul confused by betrayal; Damned to live's pained, judged as selfishness is none the less Evolution which rejects as true identity reveals Regaining slowly the memory of truth; realities collide with dreams In clouds, … Continue reading Marito

Not Of A Finer Day

Such an occasion brings about clusters of guest seated so; they await the nobel for a day, and only this day. White silk and lace flow like oceans of water falls cascading into oblivion, though not rushed. Anticipation so thick; to move is to feel quicksand, joyously so for nobility upon peasants bestows only once … Continue reading Not Of A Finer Day