My foster family made the decision for all of us to go camping for my seventeenth birthday celebration. Upon our arrival at Deadwood Reservoir, I find the setting here in the thickest of forests textbook for our last days. Happily, I claim a spot next to the water and sunbathe most of the afternoon. Contemplating my [...]


  Oh dearest child of mine How ongoing must you cry? For help is always by your side This will never be denied I won’t sit idly by Watch sabotage take your life Accounted to see you fly A task that is solely mine Undoing’s falsely timed The clock ticks and unwinds Life’s not fare, [...]


“I desire to be in love like a fool once more.” Words such as those, bring forth feelings of foolishness. Nothing more ridiculous, yet desirous by means of defying all odds; To be in love. Hearts race, sensations of frivolity, with erogenous unadulterated relations. Drowning in dopamine stealing away common sense to rash decisions. Smiling [...]