If Everyone Had a Skunk

If everyone had a skunk Would all smell of funk? Or forget that we stunk? Would it carry in the breeze? Or make us all sneeze? If everyone had this pet All would love it I bet! My jest do you get? How could you not? This lingering thought. If everyone had just one Wouldn’t life just [...]


Such a charmer as only chromaticity will grace contrast from beams of light casting down through thick sponge-like clouds overhead. Truly unknown as to how, but really does one care? Oh sure written are words of science with grand explanations of it all, filling heads with nonsense of fancy librettos such as chlorophyll. Progressing so close on the [...]

Loved From Afar

  Days turned into months that slowly become a year. Opened my heart suddenly, it's never been so clear. The conviction never wavered, although it's known, Bound by responsibility is what I chose. Commitments tame and cage, yes it is what it is. Awaits patiently, the heart's ready to give. My hand was held today, [...]

My Fungus Grew Fungi

It's a sad, sad day; a day like today A sad day The words come to dance but will not play A hopeless day as eyes stare in disbelief Full with grief The wholesome goodness taken by a thief I tried to save them, if only I could And should Heavy my heart with knowledge [...]