I miss you ~

Today more than most.
For reasons unknown, I’m sure plenty surfeit.
Feelings remain as they are; it could be for the day is perfect as it was.

You know…..

A day such as when the sun warms cold skin, altering colors of tan.
Oh how we took full advantage of those days, you and I.
The world at our heals using everything in its power to collide into our happiness.
We won battle after battle, you and me.
You, being the stronger of us both, meant enduring the beatings the world wielded without regard of your assets.
All for the sake of love.

I miss you ~

There isn’t a day that goes by that I long for a soft word from tender lips, the smile sweet as honey enfolding the tongue – a resurrection of the dead.
Pray we meet again.
Perhaps, someday in another life, me and you truly together forever.
One soul bound to the other destined for rebirth as will be our salvation.
I’ll rest in your arms once more with an ear to your strong heart.

I miss you ~

Today more than most.



“I desire to be in love like a fool once more.”

Words such as those, bring forth feelings of foolishness. Nothing more ridiculous, yet desirous by means of defying all odds; To be in love. Hearts race, sensations of frivolity, with erogenous unadulterated relations. Drowning in dopamine stealing away common sense to rash decisions.

Smiling at reminisces of smiles and soft impassioned lips as hands converge. Pining for the very thing that is lost, commands pleas of stipulations as designation of someone’s very existence once more. To be adored and treasured once again. Though the request is too great.

“Have I surpassed the excessive allotment of love one is to 
have in a life time? And now, now must life be void of all 

Positioned on the floor, as fundamental nature descends when tears create a river. Obsession over the addiction has seized sanity. Begging for peace, serenity if you will for desire to be sanctified with tenderness from another who loves unconditionally.

“That loves me!”

Recalling times with ill-fated lovers, souls unrest is its own. Love subsisted in perfection. Endured steadfast and worshiped as if one was crafted for the other.

“So what if fate’s tested?  Fate acts like a spoiled child 
with a rotting spirit! Fate is nothing therefore I am 




Love languishes then twists the heart of the benevolent soul into vile wickedness
             that forever alters the virtuous with no hope to be reconditioned
Fated to trudge the earth as a scourge
Condemned to lowly, bitter lives
             unwanted except when vulgar temptations force a predator to espy upon
Love ruins material beauty,
             it alters the very delineation of what was once beautiful
Impressive beauts convert to leather hags in what would appear overnight
            only unforeseen time is all too quickly stolen from them
Love destroys the spirit abandoning heaps of desecration for the wicked to kick around
And just when belief necessitates denial of forsaken and breakable debris ~
Innumerable slivers fall pricking like needles when opportunity presents its ugliness
Love is a losing battle and bequeathed no survivors
            demolishing everything in its path
Evil overshadows,
             comfort’s lost as innocence dies and hope is discarded
Darkness overcast and colors dim until grey is all the world
             Love is not patient
                             Love is not kind
                                                Human nature is boastful,
It holds hearts hostage for extreme ransoms
             No forgiveness
                             No generosity
And rapaciousness rages war on the meek
             quitted in wreckage as happy institutions curdles into ash