Preceding conduction or lack thereof,

same – same

Passions transpire deficient as derisions are made

A line in the sand,

crossed – always crossed

Like clepsydra’s,

occasion’s accidental loss

Fates appraised by temporal lengths of time

Some of which inundate sincerity with lies,

without diligent refined distillation

Wishes were assumed acceptable pecuniary consolations

An offer

Perhaps confirmation

The line in the sand remains – nonetheless

Absolution perceived by none brimmed with regrets

“If only I had known

If only I endured

Time wouldn’t have been stolen

If time understood”

~ Shell deToni  If only can be defined as “I wish that.” If only I had known you were coming, I would have met your plane.” This expression can also be one of wistful regret. “If only we had met 10 years ago.”


My Fungus Grew Fungi

It’s a sad, sad day; a day like today

A sad day

The words come to dance but will not play

A hopeless day as eyes stare in disbelief

Full with grief

The wholesome goodness taken by a thief

I tried to save them, if only I could

And should

Heavy my heart with knowledge I stood

Why oh why must it be tossed away?

Nothing more can I say; about today

A sad, sad day.


Lost dreams,
broken and fragmented in a reality occupied by deception and cruelty.

Where no hero exists,
since the futile day is not for saving.

No long forgotten love transpiring through bitterness to conquer anything.

Easily discarded,
like a piece of common garbage without a collector to put away.




I know I Knew You

I know you!

Is that really you?

Are you speaking to me?

I don’t understand,  it’s been so long.

Why now?

I watched you die,  this can’t be so.

If only you knew of the agonizing days I pleaded for your return.

You don’t run to me,  just simply stand there and cry.


Is this another cruel joke?

Because my humor has been lost long ago.

I know you!

Your eyes tell our story.

Casually you approach, dazed and confused.

The unbearable pain you fight against, to give us one more moment.

Why can’t you return, always and forever,  like you promised?

Your eyes plead with mine; Please don’t let me go, not yet.

But I already have,  a very long time ago.

And your gone again.

Leaving the monster here to dwell in your steps.

I knew you.