Background Cover Letter Sample

The following Cover Letter example is simple, yet effective for grabbing the attention of a hiring manager. Please feel free to use it and it’s with my best hopes that if warranted, you’ll be on the road to employment in no time.

Your Name


City, State Zip



Date (September 29, 2002)

Hiring Agent Name

Company Name


City, State Zip

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to you today about the XXXX position you have posted on

I am not interested in obtaining another job. I’m in search of a career, and I am asking for an opportunity to use my professional and educational experience to make an immediate contribution to Company Name. Your company has exactly what I am looking for in a career and my involvement in the industry shows that I have the necessary skills to be your next Job Title.

I have experience as well as a degree in College Degree and/or Job Titles. With a can-do attitude, I list skills here (preferably those listed in add). I have a keen interest and passion for the position applied for.

I am a fast learner with strong analytical skills, a self-starter, and work well on a team with minimal to no supervision. I certainly understand list any job requirements listed in add, and hold an intense work ethic. Taking initiative and striving to do my best in any situation has always been my academic and career focus.

I have demonstrated for my employers and instructors an exceptional facility for meeting organizational goals and demands. In addition to my skills, I am certain I will be a valuable asset to any company. I look forward to meeting you in person, Hiring Manager Name. You may contact me anytime.

Thank you for your consideration.




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