TIMBER INN – Todayz Idaho Hunting and Fishing Guide 

Welcome! By Michelle Ochsner Built 1926, Timber Inn is located on the main street of Pierce, ID. This rustic log inn, owned by Rob Harrell since 1990, is a retreat for hunters, snowmobilers, or groups of travelers who would rent the entire floor for privacy yet togetherness. For lodging, the Timber Inn has five rooms [...]

THE CANYON MOTEL – Todayz Colorado Travel and Recreation Guide 2011/2012

By Michelle Ochsner The greatest thing that you’ll take pleasure in here at The Canyon Motel is the Rocky Mountains. For all lovers of nature from the hunter, fisherman, bicyclist, photographer, winter sports enthusiast, golfer, or vacationer. The Canyon Motel is your place to stay for your Colorado getaway.  Enjoy quality, comfort, and value in [...]

LAKESIDE COTTAGES – Todayz Colorado Travel and Recreation 2011/2012

By Michelle Ochsner Breakaway from life’s day to day burdens and hide from the outside world here at Lakeside Cottages nestled in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, just 15 minutes west of Colorado Springs. Beneath the shadows of Pikes Peak, guests are able to delight in hiking deep in the pine forest surrounded by wildflowers, fishing [...]