A Whistle in the Wind

A happy day is one like today

sacrosanct offerings mean not

but only if they did?

to what end would it matter

For today

Today is a happy day


Written formal statements are targeted to define an objective, identifying the subject of expertise or study.  These declarations are a brief summarization of your intended communication. Use them as an introduction to your cover letter, bio, or profile.  If necessary, the statement can be broken down and used as applicable details within your resume.

Please view the following examples:


Develop desired educational behaviors by overcoming learning constraints to clearly deliver objectives, content, and assessments using clear concise methodologies.

To create, facilitate, and implement a comprehensive curriculum resulting in a positive outcome not only in a learning or work environment, but to also use applicable proficiencies in the real world.


Vice President and senior leader with 17 years of partnering with CFO and other executives. Responsible for overseeing FP&A and KPI’s.  MBA in finance and CPA Certified with excellent MRP skills including Oracle, SAP, etc.

Strong vision and mission of long-term business operations, goals, and objectives. Execute strategic business practices to gain a competitive advantage.


With more than fifteen years of experience, customer service means each customer matters. I am committed to going above and beyond, to exceed expectations, and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

I am responsible for their success and they are imperative to my success.


Influencing digital strategy teams’ tactical vision since 2002 as VP, UX Designer. M.S. of Computer Science, B.S. in Web Development, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Develop and transform complex issues into effective simple products. Automate scalable investment experiences while collaborating with all levels of the company.

Your objective statement is a short yet effective summarization of accomplishments and work-related skill sets.  To use on a resume, it would be necessary to tailor the objective specific to the job posting. However, most companies feel as if the objective is outdated and would rather see your skill sets, accomplishments, and certifications (experience) within the resume document.

With that said, it never hurts to have an objective statement written for a profile or bio. Even a quick blurb (bragging rights) as your cover letter introduction would be a great hook to catch your readers’ attention.