Identifying Moles

Identifying moles When it’s time to call a doctor By Michelle Ochsner Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers in the United States. Being proactive by examining your skin regularly helps reduce your chances developing melanoma, the most serious type of skin malignancy. The best defense against melanoma is the usage of sun … Continue reading Identifying Moles


My hand set upon the hardness of him, Feeling the rock like mass under his jeans. Our eyes meet, A smile discovered upon his lips. What he wants is of no consequence, My body has already said yes. Big strong hand grasping mine, Leads us into temptation. His lips are sweet and great, I am lost … Continue reading Reaction

Silhouettes in the Mist

    I try to focus my eyes to see where I am but my vision is so blurred it’s impossible to make out. The air wraps around me, thick and warm with a yellowish hue that makes it difficult to see through. Curious about my surroundings, I concentrate on bringing it together until I find … Continue reading Silhouettes in the Mist