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The value of a CPA

It’s that time of year again. You know, that lovely occasion when many Americans swarm in droves to the post office trying to post mark their taxes before midnight tonight.

Yes that’s right, it’s tax day! Most people do not understand or they greatly underestimate the value of a Certified Personal Accountant until tax season. If you haven’t had the pleasure of hiring one of these brilliant professionals, I highly recommend doing so and the sooner the better. That way you can get a head start on next year.

As boring as this article might be, the information can prove very useful especially if you’re a small business owner, including those that work from home. Being a graduate with an Accounting Degree, I whole heartily understand how cumbersome it is this time of year.

The American Institute of CPA’s,, has a new marketing campaign to help members promote the value of CPA providers and their tax services and to distinguish them from their competitors. The AICPA has set up the comprehensive tax website with dynamic content and interactive functionality.

CPA firms can now differentiate one’s self from other tax preparers setting themselves above the bar as trusted financial advisors that can benefit the community and generate business. The AICPA suggests firms to highlight CPA’s credentials’, education, ethical commitment, knowledge, services, and accessibility all year-long. They’re encouraged to stress the importance of tax preparation all year-long not just during the tax season.  By creating market awareness these firms will be able to establish a broader client base. This gives more detailed information making it easier to hire a firm that best fits your needs.

CPA firms should have the new IRS tax law changes as certain institutions will no longer be qualified to prepare taxes without further certification. Of course CPA’s are exempt from this. If certification requirements are not met then the regulation plan for non-signing preparers states that they must be supervised by a CPA, attorney, enrolled agent or other Circular 230 practitioner.

The Journal of Accountancy,, is a great publication that can answer many questions you may have regarding your accounting needs.