Adieu 2016

Fables confessed in unlikely fashions At times reveal illogical accounts Tales declared with improbable actions Adventures in that cannot be denounced Truths declare imaginations adrift By virtues of what, fated to be learned Worry not, stories befall as a gift For inventiveness will be undiscerned A myth represents prolific visions Irresolute expressions narrated Fanciful delights … Continue reading Adieu 2016


Another year, another pantomime Nonsense once more engages in circles Negotiations flat, saddened in time Inventive contrivance eternal Views and opinions matter not for not Each day passes on to rejoice the next Rejected all the more for all others Simulate indifference pained the same And labeled second to those connected Revealing truths unseen by … Continue reading Commemoration

The Lost Sonnet

Celebration accompanies winners With smiling faces, acceptance mock worth Unbeknownst to them truth creates sinners A lie is a lie rear evils rebirth Prepared for an ugly untimely end To the demise of loving charity Who would have thought the gates of hell ascend Words spoken grant not a soul clarity As last breath tells of … Continue reading The Lost Sonnet