Lovers Of Springtime Beauty

TANKA   Sprung springtime beauty Sweet smells fragrances the air Colors boldly gleam Warmer days to moonlit nights Lovers love freely as one  

Back To Basics

Small angelic child knows of nothing of worldly grandeur. Eyes startled for first time at nature's greatest wonders. Surprised at the sound of dried leaves underfoot in fall. Amazed and dazzled as flakes of snow tickles noses than decorates landscapes. O's and ah's at the magic of Christmas reaching tiny hands at the magnificence. Springing forward … Continue reading Back To Basics

An Occassion for a Walk

Nectar so sweet fills the air, the wind carries with it a rebirth. Color begins to overtake dreary grays, birds rejoice in song. Cool nights turn to warm days, opening the flower no longer hiding. Feline follows, nose in the wind same as mine. Happily so, on such an occassion. Serene this season is today, … Continue reading An Occassion for a Walk