Dark Shadows in a Bleak City

The city is bleak see, bad people on the street tonight. On the corner, girls beg for profit expecting more than offered. Bad people I say, bad people. Chief calls as murder lurks from dark shadows, Perhaps a dame, perhaps a fink. Most don’t even care anymore. Life’s bad, real bad see. Gone are the … Continue reading Dark Shadows in a Bleak City

Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill

Placed and settled up most high, was a love that whirls through the sky, A love that rises up most high, swearing one could nearly fly. Set so perfect or it seemed, a life most pleasant it nearly gleamed, Like a jewel it gleamed so bright, like a jewel it set so right. Fairytale like … Continue reading Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill

A post-coital cuddle?

As foreign as the concept may be, yes the post-coital cuddle does exist. It is an elusive concept especially if your married with children but if you think back long and hard you just may remember a time when it occurred in your relationship. What is a post-coital cuddle? Well, for those of you who've not had the pleasure,  It's when a couple … Continue reading A post-coital cuddle?

Exposed yet unable to be seen

Heavy laden are my thoughts burdened with contemplation of users and takers Diseased with the haves and the have not’s my reality is poisoned by sheer deathly vapors Ruined by the institution society demanded to seek unfulfilled by lingering desires hidden deep in the shadows Pretender, I am increasingly becoming weak as I'm trapped in a dark pungent … Continue reading Exposed yet unable to be seen


remember me? My hand you cradledAssuring life would not pass byStaring into nothing yet at everything until the sun peaked Amazing in all my glory, so it was saidWrapped in innocence, or was is ignorance?Hard to tell with one being the same as the other The someone always by your sideDefender of your virtueResenting all who dared … Continue reading Forgotten