IF ONLY Preceding conduction or lack thereof, same - same Passions transpire deficient as derisions are made A line in the sand, crossed - always crossed Like clepsydra's, occasion's accidental loss Fates appraised by temporal lengths of time Some of which inundate sincerity with lies, without diligent refined distillation Wishes were assumed acceptable pecuniary consolations An [...]

By Which It’s Measured

  The cogs continue to gyrate in harmony unchanging though forms fail Time obliges the hands to endure as time adjourns for no one There is no sympathy as the continuum keeps a steady onwards pace It is what it is and the job is a necessary evil Occasion’s past cannot be changed nor the [...]


Now is presently a nice surprise Taking for granted can be your demise Today's a gift now hold it wise Be thankful that the sun will rise Never, ever compromise This place in time, holds its ties Supposed to be, do not chastise  

Alas! A new Book!

It's a happy day, a happy day indeed!Acquaintance pleased to meet, excitement supersede.A joyful occasion arisen, special is today.Introduction amidst, the beginning underway.Relishing smell of the new, nothing to compare.Ink on parchment delicately placed, this moment's so rare.Quiet to sit, soothing the drink, a ritual that's mine.Published than shelved whereas, it's all about time.This is the part of life, the part [...]